Success Stories

Meet Ruth, who came to us from St. Joseph London Hospital after a total knee replacement. She needed a place to heal, as well as a place to receive physical and occupational therapy tailored specifically for her needs. After working closely with our therapy team on individualized goals, Ruth is ready to return home.
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When Thomas was asked what his goal for his rehabilitation program was, he immediately said “to play golf again.” Tom was a professional golf caddy and also an excellent golfer. He came to Cumberland Nursing & Rehabilitation Center with balance and mobility issues that made this impossible for him to accomplish. Thanks to the therapy, he received, Tom is now playing golf again.
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Willetta was admitted to Cumberland Nursing & Rehabilitation Center April 14, 2015. She had been a patient at St. Joseph Hospital in London. Willetta had a rough winter with kidney surgery and a flair up of her chronic lung disease. After coming to Cumberland, Willetta is now back home.
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