February Highlights

residents showing their artwork

Residents had a good time watching the Valentine’s day king and queen be crowned. Love was in the air as residents requested their favorite love songs to be played on demand with the activity director’s new sound equipment!

Residents enjoyed a fun Valentines day craft! Turning a Ball jar into a Valentines day candle holder. The supplies needed are as followed:

  1. Glass that has been frosted
  2. Thin paper hearts
  3. Elmer’s Glue (stick glue)
  4. A battery operated tea light candle

Simply use the Elmer’s glue stick and roll the adhesive where you want to put your hearts. Choose different heart colors and locations on the jar as desired. Once finished, place the tea light battery operated candle in the bottom of the jar. Simple, easy, and so much fun. Really lights up a room!