Letter from the Administrator

Hi, Everybody….

I am writing this late. It seems that September is just flying by. I can’t wait for Fall weather tho!

We are starting a new program here at Cumberland. TELEHEALTH! A Doctor and/or Nurse Practitioner will be available 24/7 by computer. We have the equipment being installed this week and hope to have everything in place by 10/1. We just have to call and the doctor will have all the tools he needs to help diagnose the issues through “Skype-like” video conferencing. The really exciting part is we will have a nurse practitioner in the building 5 days a week also. This will help to avoid unnecessary trips to the ER and will be better for our residents. The residents will keep their same physicians, the nurse practitioner will just be on site and an extension of them. It will reduce wait time for callbacks, we won’t have to bother the doc for little things and it will be better for our residents to get care and services that they need in their “home” not waiting for hours in an ER to see someone they don’t know. This by no means replaces the doctors. It will make us work smarter not harder and the residents will get all the benefits of faster turnaround times. The doctors are still required to see the residents at least monthly and they are still in charge of their care. Stay tuned for more information as we look forward to incorporating technology into our daily healthcare routines.

That’s all for now, stay cool and keep looking forward to the upcoming seasons changing!

Jill Spurgeon, Administrator