Letter from the Administrator

Hi, Everyone!!

How you are staying cool and dry!! If it isn’t raining, it is so hot and muggy! Someone please remind me of this in January and February!

I will tell you of some upcoming changes you may notice. Recently we got a new phone system so please bear with us as we figure out all the quirks and shortcut. At the end of this month we will be transiting to a different computer system for our medications. Hopefully, these state-of-the-art changes will improve how we deliver care and services to your loved ones. We are shopping for our new furniture for the Sunroom. We have already begun to hang pictures and other changes to update that room. You also may notice that we are painting rooms a few at a time. It takes longer, but it disturbs the residents less. We are working on upgrading several other areas to make it a more enjoyable and comfortable environment for our residents.

In late summer, early fall, we will be working on the patio. We are thinking about removing the big tree out there so it doesn’t look a mess with all the leaves falling off daily. We also will be adding some better drainage and guttering so it doesn’t flood with every rain.

Also in the works are some “big ticket: items, such as a new roof and re-doing the front entrance to make it more accessible to everyone. If you have any suggestions about other upgrades we might consider, you can stop by my office anytime with suggestions.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and just a reminder, Stay cool and Stay hydrated!!

Jill Spurgeon, Administrator