Letter from the Administrator

Hi, Everybody!

Just a short note today. We have started some refurbishing around the facility, starting with painting, some new beds and such, but you will see a big difference soon in the Sunroom! We have ordered new furniture and some extras to spruce up this room and make it truly comfortable. We are going to be adding some furniture to the lobby soon, along with some surprises here too. These two areas have needed it for a long time and I can’t wait to see them completed. We also are starting to paint the resident rooms, a few at a time. It will take us longer because we need to accommodate the residents and their schedules.

Just a reminder, PLEASE Don’t bring in wipes for your family member. Even the flushable ones are clogging up our pipes and we are having to call the plumber every week. Also if you bring in any kind of over the counter medication, let the nurse on the floor know. We are very limited in what we can allow the residents to have at the bedside. If we do it the right way, and the residents are safe you may be able to keep some things at the bedside.

Have a Wonderful Father’s Day and a Great 4th of July and please remember our troops deployed overseas and thank them for their sacrifice and service whenever you can.

Jill Spurgeon,