Letter from the Administrator

Hi, Everybody!!

As I am writing this, we are having our annual Community Easter Egg Hunt. The residents look forward to seeing the children every year. I think it was a success, but it happened so fast!!! All that planning, and stuffing and it is over in 5 minutes at best!! Again, the residents really enjoyed it, and the staff enjoyed the residents’ enthusiasm!

With the change in Seasons, comes new and exciting times. We are doing some indoor and outdoor projects to try to “spruce up” the facility. We are adding some raised planters in the courtyard and getting new furniture for the sunroom. We will be updating our phone and computer systems, and later this summer we will hopefully be getting better TV service, which we really need. So watch for changes and if you have any questions, please feel free to see me any time.

Thank you and ENJOY this wonderful weather!!

Jill Spurgeon, Administrator